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Help SGC Win a Flower Show Achievement Award!

Your club needs your help! In order to qualify for a Flower Show Achievement Award, SGC must have at least two special exhibits in our Flower Show on May 4.

We need one educational exhibit on Ikebana and another one on Bonsai. Will you create one of these for SGC?

The exhibits are judged on:

Educational Value
Interest to viewers (25 points)
Clear, concise presentation (15 points)
Adequate educational signs, tags (10 points)
Conforms to NGC objectives (10 points)


Craftsmanship (10 points)
Distinction (10 points)
Creativity and Expression (20 points)

These special exhibits are designed “to study and advance the arts of gardening, horticulture, floral design, landscape design and environmental sciences.”

Katie Frazer is working to have a special children’s exhibit of horticulture (flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs). If your child would like to enter one or more horticulture exhibits in the show, please contact her.

Submitted by:  Martha Billman

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Horticulture Award Guidelines

Horticulture3Want to know how to win a horticulture award in the SGC Flower Show?  Check out these easy-to-follow guidelines to help you win a horticulture award for a plant you have grown in your home or landscape for at least 90 days.

We hope that every Sunnyvale Garden Club member will enter at least two or three exhibits in the show. It’s fun for the member who enters the exhibit to be recognized for their selection of an outstanding specimen, and its educational for show visitors to see examples of horticultural excellence!

Submitted by:  Martha Billman – Communications Committee

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Sunnyvale Garden Club Flower Show – May 4, 2013

flower arrangement1The SCG will present a Standard Flower Show on Saturday, May 4, 2013, at the home of D’Ann Robinson. This year’s theme is “Asian Spring,” and will include both a Floral Design Division and a Horticulture Division.

Flower shows help educate club members and the viewing public and generate interest in horticulture and floral design. They also give club members a unique opportunity to express themselves creatively using fresh flowers and other plant materials.

Several floral design symposiums will be held to teach members about design principles. These symposiums provide an excellent opportunity for garden club members to get to know each other and improve their design skills.

If you have questions, would like to sign up to enter a design, or would like to volunteer, please contact Georgeann Moss 972 203 9175, Madalyn Hernandez 972 226 2467 or Mary Ann Moreland 972 226 2787.

More details to follow.