The Sunnyvale Garden Club


HOBBY HUNT (January)

In an attempt to get to know people better and foster a close knit group, I am gonna share some personal hobby information about one of our members each month. I am beginning with the person who introduced me to the Garden Club. she is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Sallyann Nevins, member since 2009.

Sallyann has a very crafty hobby that she has agreed to share with us.

She is a maker of quilts. Sallyann starting making them because a friend introduced this to her and taught her how. How does she start a project, you ask? Sallyann goes to the fabric store (which she says is so much fun), and she picks out fabrics that look pretty. Not surprisingly, our friend is on a first name basis with the salesperson Mary. She gets home with her new batch of lovelies and lets the inspiration flow. Making lap quilts is her favorite because she can bless more people with her gift and, they are easier to sew with her machine. When asked about a favorite one of her current group, she could not pick. She said “They are all my favorite in one way or another”. When asked her feelings about being in the garden club, she responded, “I absolutely love the garden club and everyone in it. I have been many officers and enjoyed them all”. Sallyann, you are one of the first people new members meet and you are always there with a lovely welcoming smile and a kind word. We love you too!