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Ginny Hale’s preparation for planting Daffodils and Tulips 12/9-10/20.

I forgot my previous order with Breck’s and responded to Super Saks offers. Dismayed to see 4 boxes arrive with 395 Daffodils, 105 Tulips, 37 Asiatic Lily mixture and Orange Ton Lilies. Realized I had 537 bulbs to plant in December in 7 small beds. Now I have 12 established gardens and added Daffodils to the 4 ft. tower in the middle of the back yard. Made 3 trips to Home Depot for dirt and compost $135. Hired my gardener to handle the project. So pleased!! Received three adjustments that week from my Chiropractor for my back and hip joint pain.

Photos shard by: Ginny Hale

Faye Nabors shared her Christmas decorations and a few outdoor pics too.

Silvia Carter shared her decoration pictures as well.

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