The Sunnyvale Garden Club

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Spring and Summer of 2020 has been very challenging and uncertain with Coronavirus lerking about. One thing is for sure, our gardens (whether inside or out), continue to grow and give us joy if we continue to give them love and attention. Many have had more time on their hands to tend to their beloved plants! Here are some of our member’s 2020 beauties.


Day Lilies and Iris are my Favorites. Shared by Laura Fincher.

My Caladium bulbs are finally showing well in my shady front garden. Shared by Ginny Hale

Last year at the plant exchange I was thrilled to receive Nancy Keim’s canna rhizomes from her father’s garden.They are thriving!  This is their 2nd year.  Filled a nice sunny place along my fence.
The pot at the left side is a CALLISTA cutting from the container plant I purchased at the Fund Raiser in September.

Shared by Ginny Hale