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Highlights from the March meeting

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Laurie Sparhawk introduced the Mayor of Sunnyvale, Saji George, who declared this day as Arbor Day.  They both stressed the importance of trees in our landscape, that trees will increase your property value, decrease your air conditioning needs.

Pat Morgan introduced the speaker for today – Nancy Wilson. Her topic was “Butterfly Gardening”.  She recognized that Sunnyvale is tuned into gardening; Sunnyvale is a budding place with our open spaces whereas Dallas is an area that is broken with so much concrete, trying to turn a parking lot into a paved paradise. Native plants are disappearing. There is very little natural habitat left – greenspace has been lost to increase in population.

Nancy says her biggest hope is to create and manage our own gardens, to plant to sustain the lives of Birds, Bees, and Butterflies. She’d like to see weeds replaced with wildflowers.

So where to Birds, Bees and Butterflies dine?

At the Wildscape Café, of course!

BEES – feed on vegetable flowers, zinnias, frog fruit, salvias, etc.

BUTTERFLIES – feed on nectar flowers, zinnias, Mexican sunflowers, salvia milkweed, passion vine, frost weed, etc.

BIRDS – seeds, nuts, berries, persimmons, purple cornflowers, American beauty berries, etc.

HUMMINGBIRDS feed on anything tubular, such as Turk’s Cap, salvia.

Nancy invited us to go to the Lady Bird Johnson website for more information on wildflowers.

Her goal is to reduce the green desert, plant wildflowers, not weeds, emulate nature by providing different heights, and to replace exotic plants with natives.

Mayor, treeSallyann, tree Laurie Sparhawk introduced a raffle for a peach tree.  $46 was collected, and Sallyann Nevins was the winner!


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Webmaster for the Sunnyvale Garden Club in Sunnyvale, Texas

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