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SGC Annual Christmas Luncheon/Meeting – 12/10/13

Many thanks to the designers of the great tablescapes created by SGC members for our annual Christmas luncheon held at the old SISD cafetorium.  Amazing creativity!   We had two different design contests.  The first was by popular vote.  Each attendee was given 3 ballots to cast for their favorite tables.  The top three vote getters were:

  1. Table #4 by Janet Nevil, Tina Rollins & Edie Street
  2. Table #1 by Rachel Doyle
  3. Table #3 by Faye Nabors & Jeannette Hobbs

We had four flower show judges who judged the tables according to flower show standards.  They selected the following winners:

  1.  Table #4 by Janet Nevil, Tina Rollins & Edie Street;
  2.  Table #7 by Georgeann Moss & Kathy Dalby;
  3.  Table #2 by Faye Nabors & Jeanette Hobbs.

Prizes in both categories were $100 for First Place, $75 for Second Place and $50 for Third Place.  It’s a shame that only 3 winners could be selected.  All the tables were great – and they contributed greatly to a very festive luncheon.

We also thank the Fine Arts Departments at the Sunnyvale Middle and High Schools for entertaining us.  As a small thank you, the Club contributed a $50 iTunes gift card to each group.  (They don’t buy sheet music anymore – they download from iTunes!)  Of course, we must thank SISD for allowing us to use this space at the old elementary school.  We are so blessed to have such a versatile space available to us.  We were happy that Doug Williams and Carol Martel could join us for lunch.

Big “thank you”s as well to Gary Nevins, Tami Mayes, Patsy Knight and Joyce McCloud for getting the Olive Garden food ready for us.  Thanks to hostesses Rachel Doyle, Sallyann Nevins and Faye Nabors for providing beverages and  helping to “set up and take down.”

We had 52 members and guests attending.

Xmas Table 4bXmas Table 4

Table #4 by Janet Nevil, Tina Rollins & Edie Street

Xmas Table7XmasTable7bTable 7 by Kathy Dalby & Georgeann Moss

Xmas Table 2Xmas Table2aTable #2 by Faye Nabors & Jeanette Hobbs

Xmas Table 1Xmas Table 1a

Table #1 by Rachel Doyle

Xmas Table 3bXmas Table 3

Table #3 by Sallyann Nevins

Xmas Table 5Xmas Table 5b

Table #5 by D’Ann Robinson and Ginny Hale

Xmas Table 6Xmas Table 6b

Table #6 by Merry Ziegenfuss, Joan Perry & Joyce Taylor

Table 8Xmas Table 8b

Table #8 by Sylvia Carter & Cristie Carter-Stewart

Beverage TableFood table

Beverages tables by Rachel Doyle –  24′ Buffet serving table by     Rachel Doyle,  Sallyann Nevins &  Faye Nabors

dessert table

Submitted by:  Rachel Doyle – 1st VP of Programs